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Setup and implementation of CRM Bitrix24
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A successful and growing business must have a platform for employees' communication with a structured client base, analytical reports, and other tools that allow control of processes in the company. Today, businesses with a staff of two or even thousands of people use CRM software for that.

Step-By-Step CRM Implementation
Choosing a CRM software

To find the right CRM software, identify your business needs and consider your daily activities and sales processes. The major function of this software is to help businesses grow and achieve the highest levels of transparency and productivity.

One of the best CRM software is Bitrix24. It is a collaborative software designed to automate procedures in communication and management in small and large businesses or even startups. It has all the tools needed to upgrade the work of a company.

Bitrix24 Benefits:

  • Management tools (time-tracking, planning, employee directory, task reporting, work check/in-out, and absence chart)

  • Monitoring the organization’s work (generating CRM reports)

  • Manageable and secure communications (instant messages, bulk email)

The advantage of Bitrix24 is a worldwide Bitrix Partner Program. Bitrix Partners can help you select the optimal Bitrix24 subscription plan and provide you with additional product customization services.

Product requirements document

Product requirements document (PRD) is an official document that defines the requirements of a particular product, including the product’s purpose, features, functionality, and behavior. It influences the cost of future CRM implementation and reduces the setup time, as all the requirements are considered.

System setup

CRM software might seem easy to set up on your own, a but only technical CRM specialist knows all the tricks and helps do it the right way. Therefore, always have specialists everything set up. In the end, it saves a lot of money than doing the implementation from scratch on your own.

Technical CRM specialists not only help set up CRM software but also can offer business analysis services to meet the needs and choose optimization plans for every business. They usually have vast experience of working with different small and large businesses.

Staff training

That’s a key step that cannot be omitted. A CRM training can ensure that all your users not only know how to use the software but also understand how it will benefit their everyday workflow and make their jobs easier.

CRM integrators have prepared different training materials to help each business implement CRM software as fitting as possible. They also provide technical support to help develop CRM as businesses get bigger.

Overall, there are four steps for a successful CRM implementation: choosing the right CRM software to meet the need of the business, making a proper PRD, having the software set up by a Technical CRM Specialist and CRM staff training. High-quality implementation will do the job and take your business to a new level.

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