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How To Build a High-Converting Website

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Whether you’ve already built a decent-looking website for your business, there’s something you need to keep in mind to make your website a worthwhile investment: conversion optimization. This process focuses on improving the website conversion rate — the percentage of site visitors who take your desired action.
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Want a High-Converting Website? Focus on These 9 Aspects
Writing a Product Requirements Document

The PRD is not just a set of pages. This is part of the contract. A product requirements document identifies the goals of any new product, service, or feature; it describes the product your team will build. With the help of the terms of reference, disagreements that arise are eliminated. It will be easy for the client to check the work performed on this document.

The result of the stage: a document with all the details of the development of the future site 


A prototype is a schematic representation of the website. The primary goal is to show the structure of the future website, to show where the blocks of information will be located. During the prototyping stage, we go through many ideas not to miss all the details.

In the end, you will have a link to a set of HTML pages linked to each other.

Web Design Development

We think each site must be unique and consider the interests of its target audience. Only in this case, it will show a high conversion.

We must optimize a website with a high conversion for a variety of devices. Therefore, we are developing the design, considering different screen sizes. You get at least three versions of layouts: for a computer, for a tablet, and a smartphone.

The result of the step: the developed layouts that are 100% consistent with the visual of the future site.

Front End Development

Front end web development brings layouts to life. A picture becomes a source code. A browser reads the code and loads the web.

Stage result: link to interactive (clickable) layouts with effects.

Back End Development
After the front end comes the back-end. Backend is used in reference to the administration dashboard when it relates to the management of that data. It is what makes a site interactive. Only by providing real-time information, you achieve a high conversion rate. Barely anyone will buy something from your website if the last post was five years ago.
Website Maintenance and Promotion

Finally, you get a high-converting website. However, don’t miss the last step.

To be constantly relevant, a website needs updated content creation and optimization. Using Internet marketing, you can build an effective website and attract customers: use targeted and contextual advertising, engage in SEO.

Web Testing
Now it is time for Web Testing. It checks for functionality, usability, security, compatibility, performance of the web application or website. The result of this stage: a website that works without errors.
Content Creation

Website content creation is the single most crucial task in any site design. Find unique content ideas that are proven to convert. Don’t use stock images and don’t copy text from other sites. This way you hide your website from search engines.

For a new website, you can use copywriting and photographers’ services. This way it will look clean and converting. Our company provides these services too.

Client Approval

The product requirements document becomes a checklist for the client. The client uses PRD to check all the features of the website.

Step result: client approved website ready for launch.