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Developing Web Sites on 1C Bitrix

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The process of creating sites on the 1C-Bitrix: Site Management platform is similar to creation on other platforms or frameworks. The stages are the same: writing a technical task, drawing layouts, programming, and creating content for the site.

But why is Bitrix is the best for developing websites?

Integration of Website With 1C
Every trading company has an accounting system. 1C:Enterprise Platform is the most popular one. It’s a development platform for the fast creation of easily customizable business automation software
Transfer of commodity nomenclature managed on 1C to the online stor
The website automatically receives information from 1C: product names, trade offers, descriptions, photos, characteristics, prices and balances. The site can display not all the information or sections, everything is customizable
Transfer of orders from the online store to 1C for processing
If earlier orders were processed in 1C, then all new orders from the site can also automatically fall into 1C. The site and 1C turn into order statuses that are displayed in the buyer's personal account on the site. It can also be an exchange with a CRM system, for example, Bitrix24
The successful experience of integrating
product catalogues on the site with the 1C nomenclature is confirmed by an official certificate from our partner - the 1C-Bitrix company
Government Solution

"1C-Bitrix: Site Management" is the largest Russian IT company developing platforms for websites. Therefore, many government agencies choose its product for their website.

However, not every Internet agency has the right to develop sites on the 1C-Bitrix platform. This is due to the constantly growing improvement in the quality of services provided. Only those partners of the company who have the appropriate competence have the right to implementation. Every year this competence is confirmed anew.

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Composite Website
Composite Website

Composite website technology allows you to reduce site loading time. This is possible due to cached content being given to the user immediately.

The website response speed is the most important characteristic. It affects the indexing by search robots, increases the site's place in search results and conversion.

Competence is also confirmed by an official certificate from 1C-Bitrix.

Ready Website Templates
Ready Website Templates

Design development is one of the most expensive stages of website development. But often the budget for a new site is limited. Therefore, a template solution is the best. On the marketplace there is a large selection of templates for certain areas of activity and for any budget.

You see in advance the visual of the future website which only needs content. In the template you can change the color scheme, the location of the blocks or hide the extra ones. However, creating a new block or adding new options to the website is an additional charge. Therefore, all the options must be discussed beforehand. Not every project is suitable for a Bitrix template.

1C-Bitrix: Site Management is a great platform for your website development. It’s everything in one - reliability, variety of options and legal compliance.